Top 5 Local Restaurants in Gwinnett – a Guest Post by AChuck

Top 5 Local Restaurants in Gwinnett – a Guest Post by AChuck

Top 5 Local Restaurants in Gwinnett

The following is a post written by Chuck Allen aka “AChuck.”  Chuck Allen is the lead pastor at Sugar Hill Church and blogs at  If you would like to read more about him, click here


Thanks for reading my guest post on my Top 5 Restaurants in Gwinnett.
There is no possible way to boil all of the great eateries around Gwinnett down to a list of five, but these are some of my favorites. If you are wondering what the criteria is for selecting these faves, here you go: The Food Must Be Great!


1. Grace 17:20 in The Forum, Peachtree Corners
I love this local eatery. Lunch is excellent and dinner is always great. I’ve always had great service and the specials are actually, very special. The warmed, fresh bread always gets you off to a great start. Reservations are helpful for weekends, but this isn’t a super-cheap restaurant. I’ve always thought it was an appropriately priced meal. My favorite dinner lineup includes:
– Spicy Chopped Chicken & Sweet Slaw Spring Rolls (unbelievable).
– Beet Salad (tasty and not overwhelmingly seasoned. It’s just right.
– Shrimp & Logan Turnpike Grits with Green Chile, Onion & Garlic, White Wine Butter Sauce.
– Classic Vanilla Bean Crème Brule – Ask for it drizzled in caramel and sea salt (Ahhhhh!).


2. Bare Bones Steakhouse in Historic Buford
Toward the end of Main Street, in Old Town, Buford is a gem. I’m a persnickety steak eater, that typically hits either CHOP’s or PAMPAS. So when I ventured away from my usual steak place, I was a bit hesitant. Wow! I was thrilled with Bare Bones. I enjoyed everything they brought to our table, including the warm fresh bread. This quaint and well run restaurant has become my very favorite steakhouse! Here’s my recommended lineup for dinner at Bare Bones:
– Spinach and Artichoke Dip.
– Iceberg Wedge with house made blue cheese.
– Prime Ribeye (I could have cut it with a fork) with warm butter.
– Braised Green Beans
– Creamed Spinach
– Bacon Macaroni and Cheese (you’ll be so glad that you ordered this).
– Sweet Potato Casserole
– Homemade Strawberry Cobbler with Old Fashioned/Homemade Ice Cream.


3. Local Republic on the Square in Lawrenceville

This quaint little joint made the Top 5 because of the “made from scratch” deliciousness in every item I’ve ordered. Parking Can be a bit funky, like most of downtown Lawrenceville, but it’s worth it. It’s a loud, bold and happy place that serves up some extraordinary comfort food. Here is my recommended lineup for Local Republic:
– Start off with Pimento Cheese Bacon & Jalapeno Served on toast (from the “smalls menu”).
– My Favorite Fish Tacos – Two “fish of the day tacos” with black beans & rice. OR…
– Country Fried Filet Mignon* Mash potatoes, onions, mushrooms, spinach & red wine demi.
– Pimento Cheese Grits (just WOW!)
– Black Beans and Rice, or Brussels and Red Pepper Slaw


4. Bleu House Market in Historic Norcross

This is a small favorite on College Street in Old Norcross. The food is outstanding – every visit! You can get a meat and three, a sandwich, an amazing BBQ plate, or a plate full of tasty, homemade comfort food. I’ve had them cater several events, eaten there dozens of times and always walk away stuffed and happy! They are only open for lunch, and it can get pretty busy. Parking can be crazy, and be sure you park in the appropriate spaces. The local police are pretty quick to write a ticket. Here’s my favorite lineup at Bleu House Market:
– Pimento Devilled Eggs
– Smoked Turkey (honey brined, rubbed with our spice and herb blend rub, and smoked) OR,  
– Pulled Pork (rubbed with house made sweet-spicy rub and smoked all night long)
– Parmesan Mashed Potatoes.
– Broccoli-Rice Casserole (tastes like Mom made it).
– Fresh Rolls.
If you like sandwiches, try their Naan-Wiches, especially smoked turkey, aged cheddar, bacon, house greens, tomatoes and pesto mayo.


5. Ten Bistro in Peachtree Corners

I love this small, local favorite, tucked away in a small strip center on 141. Voted best new restaurant in 2011 and best local restaurant in 2016 and 2017. They specialize in fresh seafood,  providing vegetarian and plenty of gluten-free dishes.  The veggies/salads are organic, the chicken is all natural and they source wild caught fish and grass fed beef. It can get packed, but it never loses it’s quaint atmosphere. The servers are all pros, and the food is made to order. Here is my favorite lineup for dinner at Ten Bistro:
– Perfect Ten Salad with avocado, hearts of palm, tomato, bell pepper, red onion and almonds.
– Harrington Scallops over butternut squash purée with bacon and sage-roasted Brussel sprouts.
– OR, Ten Bistro Burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, kosher dill pickles and bell pepper aioli.
–  Bistro Fries or Grilled Asparagus.
–  Key Lime Pie with organic raspberry puree and whipped cream.

There you go! Five Great Restaurants from across Gwinnett County. Maybe next time, we can tackle the Favorite Mexican or Seafood Stops?  Thanks again for joining me on this tour.  You can find my Weekday Blog at

Peace, AChuck






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